A wake up call!

Have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed without warning?

You’d gone to bed the night before and everything was seemingly fine, right? You didn’t see the “funk” coming… but there it is!

You open your eyes and you can just feel those negative thoughts; it’s as if they’d been gathering in you head all night. You want to crawl back under the covers and go into hibernation. The more you feed those thoughts- or even just leave them to their own devices- the more they manifest until you ultimately end up at the peak of Funk Mountain!

Here’s the GREAT news: all you really need to do is simply change your attitude to one of gratitude and your life will powerfully turn right side up again! Remember to remember; remind yourself to give thanks for all your blessings (and there are many).

Perhaps you are grateful for the air you breathe, the legs you walk with, the eyes that read this, running water, food in your refrigerator, spare change… take nothing for granted and see everything you have as the blessing it truly is.

As you practice gratitude, your life will be brimming with joy, peace, and love. Think about this: your negative thoughts, especially the ones that keep us from moving forward, are typically based in anger or fear. Can you feel angry and thankful at the same moment? How about fearful and thankful?

As you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you are connecting with your authentic self, the person you are truly meant to be. Our true selves are loving, kind, compassionate, generous and yes… grateful!

When you live in a state of gratitude, all things are possible as you effortlessly align yourself with your life’s purpose. As you honor this part of yourself, you will be able to find gratitude with any situation or person with whom you have an encounter. This is how we learn the lessons that are intended for us.

As you are fully connected to this sense of gratitude for your life and its experiences, you inevitably attract more purpose and joy into your life. So THANK YOU for reading this and for choosing to live in gratitude!


No gadgets while crossing the road!


Ok, it looks definitely no way! but, I got a big lesson that we strictly not allowed gadget-ing while crossing the road. Try to get focus on the road guys or you’ll experience the same like me…just a suggestion!

21 Days To Go…

Meet Rene Viljoen, a South African beauty and a love of my life. She’s the one who will be my wife, and I’m so proud of telling to the world how happy I am now to be in a serious relationship with her. Met her on a social networking site a year back. Never thought that now, she’ll be my wife.

21 days to go till I finally meet her face to face. I can finally  convince myself that yes yes yes, she’s the one. Well, hope she will say yes.

The Turn Back Point!

I know I shouldn’t have turned back to the past. But, what if that past gave me strength to breathe and live? I’m weak I know, and I’m an asshole that also I know. But,I’m not a liar, that you accused me. Please do ask yourself, can you feel me the way I fall for you? After so many insults and words you’ve said to me, Im still falling for you and this feeling will never change. Don’t you know how I feel the time you told me those words? It hurts me and hurts me to hell. I’m sorry for all the mistakes and troubles I caused, and I’m just sorry for everything, but I guess you and me, we can’t be together. How hard I try and how stupid I’m to be!